Gimnazjum Janikowo

Gimnazjum is placed in a small and industrial city called Janikowo. There are about 550 students. The students attending the school have different background including mainly agricultural and industrial background. They have about 30% students from other villages. The school gives chance to students with dyslexia (about 6%) and  students with various mental deficiencies (about 10%). They also have 16 students with light mental handicaps. Polish school lies in the area where it is difficult to practise intercultural learning because of the lack of contact with other European partners.


CEIP Santa Rita

C.E.I.P. Santa Rita Galdo is a small primary school for students from ages 3 to 10. There are 155 pupils and 15 teachers. The school is located in the rural northwest of Galicia with a low population density. The main industry is fishing and agriculture. The school is very experienced in project work in which whole the school participates with support of the parents. The projects have a deep impact on school life integrating art, handicrafts and making things.


Collège Sainte Jeanne D´Arc in France

Collège Sainte Jeanne D ’Arc is a small school with approximately 400 pupils and about 30 teachers located in a rural area. Thanks to its profile, the school is open to Europe. The location on the Swiss border enables the school to meet people from other countries every day. This “natural” openness creates the wish of our students to get into contact with other nations and makes it easier for them to accept other cultures.


Orhan Cemal Fersoy Primary School in Turkey

The school is located in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. It is a primary school in the western urban area of Ankara. There are about 650 students and these students are around 5 to 14 years old. There are 24 classes at school. It has got one main block based on two floors. There is one science lab, one computer classroom, and other classrooms. There are 35 teachers. The staff is young and energetic.